Not really the weekend.

I work almost always on Saturdays and Sundays by choice, as once I lost my father (and partner in crime), there was no joy in visiting the places we used to go together for a very long time. Well, now I have the courage to go places on my own and not be shredded by grief, only to find that now I do not have the time. So I am attempting to create a balance between work and play, my play consisting these days of melding with the keyboards of vintage pianos found in surprising places–garages, nursing homes, bookstores, tree lawns, and they were all looking lonely and in need of love. So as I’m loving these instruments the best I can with limited practice time, I’m meeting the many souls who are drawn to music, who need to connect with something besides their own worry and pain, and there we meet–over music and memories. It’s new, it’s frightening, but I’m determined not to be undone by that which is unfamiliar. I’ll be back here periodically to regale whoever happens upon my humble page with my exploits among the elderly. Please be charitable, as I am new to being exposed to the public, and it pricks my skin in a not entirely comfortable way. Enjoy your weekend so that it pleases you and gives you peace, avoid argument, and open a door for someone. It may be the door they were waiting for, and something wonderful might meet them on the other side. Stay tuned, stay strong, and always think about wearing a hat.